Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday

Favorites of the Week

Here are some of my favorite things I discovered this week... that will completely get you in the mood for some warmer and sunnier days!

Even if taking photos isn't your thing, her purses alone may make you want to start!

Little underclothes aren't normally my thing for the blog, but these are just too pretty not to share.
& I fully support secretaries / administratives of the world who are bursting at the seams with unlimited creativity and talent just trying to make their way, as per Ohhh Lulu's bio on Etsy.

Nine West Espadrilles ad...
Tell me this doesn't get you in the mood for summer!

Happy Fashion Friday!!

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  1. Love that camera bag!!! Wow the color is amazing. Thank you so much for linking up today on my first Fashion Friday post honey! It's been so much fun and I hope you'll join me again next week! Have a fabulous weekend sweetie! Kori xoxo

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh MY! SO pretty! Love the camera bag! Looks like something I would love to have! Hope your weekend is fabulous! ♥Winona



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