Friday, April 22, 2011


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Whew what a week... aside from trying to narrow down a wardrobe to a medium-sized suitcase, restore 2 computers in our house (really bad timing), and only booking half my accommodations here are some little things that gave me pleasure this week...

*Cleaning out the fridge and cabinets has been quite interesting. When you think you don't have any food in the fridge, oh there really is still so much to mix as my mom taught me. Some very interesting creations that weren't half bad. But all this preparation has been a good diet. Yesterday, I just forgot to eat until I had 5 almonds at 5:30pm. If you know me, you know I'm not the kind of person who just forgets to eat.Yes, stress is a good diet too.

Girls first attempt at fillo dough earlier this week... epic fail as my friend Elle Marie would say.

* My cat was fluorescent yellow for two days! (She got into my floral arrangement, and the pollen got all over her - turns out wiping the rusted color off only rubbed into her fur giving her a beautiful bright yellow coat.)

Day 2 after it faded a little. I'm going to miss her so much!

*Booked a week in a chateaux! Oh wait til you see this beautiful place, the architecture and grounds are breathtaking. It was a fabulous deal, especially after all my Paris accommodation comparisons, which I still don't have anything booked, I think I wasted a week of my life searching for just the right place. Sigh...

*Finally purchasing a backup hard drive. Peace of mind, achieved.

*Chinese with my sweetheart last night. (We really haven't spent much time together this week at all. His grandmother is slipping away after a very graceful and long life.)

*Cleaning out my iTunes... what fun going through old music! My mission was get the memory condensed from 3.7G to 2.99G. Goal accomplished... boy has my taste in music sure changed.

A glimpse at my packing: Here are some of my accessory essentials... scarves (light and easy to change up an outfit), bracelets, two set of earrings, and one Anne Klein watch bracelet I've had since high school, necklaces I love... plus did you know if you put syran wrap over the top of your travel size liquid bottles before screwing the cap on, it helps to prevent spills!

P.s.  I do get every comment emailed to me, so I will be able to see each one, which I love to read! I won't however be able to reply to each and every one. But I will stop in to my favorite blogs and say hi from time to time. This also goes for Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Deep breath, everything will get done. SOunds like you have it all under control, and still you have time to make Filo? I'm impresssed. Anxious to hear about your chateau choice.
    Will keep your sweetheart's grandmother in my prayers.
    Take care,

  2. Oh kitty!!!

    I hope your sweetheart's grandma is being looked after and is peaceful.

    Love, love, love the new header! Can't wait to read about your travels.



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