Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm off to London!

Today is the Day

All the emotions of leaving for 2 months are running very high. I'm beyond excited! But nervous and sad at the same time... but here it goes... I'm about to cross the pond!

Both times I have been to London I have been rushed with little time to enjoy the city, so this time I plan to take my time and enjoy my surroundings with no set itinerary, but here are some goals I have this time around.

My London To-Do List:

Fish & Chips - at least 3 times!
To tour Westminister Abbey prior to the wedding.
Check out Good Morning America with Robin Roberts on Monday, April 25th near the London Eye!
To buy something at Harrod's, even if it's a cup of tea.
A day trip to the Cotswolds.
A boat ride on the River Thames.
Tours - Tower of London, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace & Royal Mews
Natural History Museum
BBC Studios tour.
To go to Fortnum & Mason.... (from my first week of blogging almost 2 years ago!).
To catch a glimpse of William & Kate in their carriage or their first public kiss from the balcony after the ceremony!


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  1. Have a fabulous time! We are going back this summer! xxoo :)

  2. Sososossososooooo excited to read your posts!!!

    I did a little link/quip about on your piece about my blog in my latest post :) :) :)

  3. I am SOOO excited for you!!! I can't wait to read about all the gifts this journey will bring you!! Sending much love your way!

  4. Bon Voyage Nicolette!! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Paris. Stay safe!



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