Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

 Outside Westminster Abbey

Though I commend all who camped out for a spot, I fought the urge to stay in and watch all the guests arriving on the big screen forcing myself to turn off the TV and get out the door... so I got to Westminster about 20 minutes before the now Duchess of Cambridge was due to arrive. Fortunate to get as close as I did, I was not able to see anything because of my height and fear that getting too close would result in physical safety as I so tested. But here is an essence of the atmosphere just before. I'm sure you heard the church bells on TV, but to hear them in the streets was really moving...

Once the wedding was in progress, I crammed into the doorway of this tiny pub to see the vows exchanged.

Ladies, wasn't the Duke of Cambridge so sincere in his vows... his eyes and voice only focused on Kate in those moments? Truly romantic... With Royal Weddings only happening decades apart, to see one of sincere love and warmth between the two, made this historical event really something to celebrate, and you could feel the happiness throughout all of London and I presume the rest of the world judging by the media coverage. Refreshing to see positive media coverage for once amidst all other current affairs.

Here is the church bells 20 minutes before wedding...

Did you watch the Live coverage?


  1. yes i did at 12:00am in LA :)
    i loved it. best to them both.
    and thanx for the blog love, new post up.

    xo-Kayla Marie

  2. omg you were there . . .part of it all :) It must have been so exhilarating! I mistakenly turned the tv on and couldn't stop watching. Needless to say, I'm a bit tired. Looks like you had fun. Great photos!

  3. I was up watching it and loving it!! xxoo :)

  4. how amazing!!! i thought about you while watching the wedding this morning and hoped you were having a wonderful time!! it was such a beautiful wedding, it must have been so fun to be there!! :)

  5. Oh my gosh look at all the people! Brave you are! What a treat it must have been to have been there.

  6. You have done an outstanding job all week keeping us updated with outstanding coverage and photos..It must have been awe inspiring and overwhelming..They said there was about one million people gathered in the streets..Please keep us posted on the rest of your travels when you can :)

  7. obvi I am jealous you were there. so. cool.

  8. So fun and I love your pics! I had some friend there too and they sent me there pics, love it! Made me miss living in London and I have to say the British really do know how to pull something grand off seamlessly and with such would have been so different in the US I feel!

    Liesl :)

  9. wow. this is amazing! i woke up at 4am to watch live. i loved every minute of it!



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