Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today Show with Vivien Sheriff

Hat Designer 

I mentioned that I happened upon the filming of the Today show yesterday. Literally I was on the Tube from Tower Hill going to see the Royal Mews, but decided spur of the moment to get off at Embankment and walk to the National Gallery instead, as I wanted to see the paintings of Picasso and the likes. I stumbled directly into the taping of the Today show going live. I stood back in the distance because I'm so short and can never see over anyone. (No telling how I will see anything on Friday.)

When I saw the camera angled directly between Natalie Morales and hat designer Vivien Sheriff, I KNEW I would be on. I then moved toward the front so I could see a little closer.

The really short girl next to the really tall one.

Also spotted, Meredith Vieria!

Here is the Today show clip for you to learn a little bit about hat designer Vivien Sheriff
& find out which hat a Royal Wedding guest will be wearing!

I'm so glad Kori at Blonde Episodes did that guest post on Monday 
about Kate's favorite hat, so I could appreciate this!


  1. Darn.. I couldn't see your face.. those hats remind me of Church on Sundays!

  2. I LOVE Those hats!!

  3. What a fun adventure you are having!

  4. Very cool pictures!! How cool that you were just there!! My real name is Kahori and you've got Kori here which is the name sometimes my English speaking friends used to call me. :) Kaho



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