Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Westminster Abbey

Monday before the Royal Wedding

Confession: I did not go in yesterday.
They are charging a whopping £16 and I've already been in there. I may change my mind and go today. But I embraced the atmosphere by sitting on the lawn outside and peeking through the front door. Though I did check out the souvenir shop, but decided that my Oyster Card for the Tube with William & Kate's photo will be good enough, a Tube employee advised I would probably want to keep it since it's a limited edition and going for $200 on eBay.

Will be closed to the public Weds & Thurs for preparation for the Royal Wedding.

The journalists all lined up outside the Abbey...

Anyone interested in the Oyster Card? I'd love to trade it for a replica of Kate's ring.
Only half kidding...



  1. how exciting!! and yeah hang onto that flag..it's wedding mania everywhere it would seem!! :) i can't wait to see what adventure tomorrow brings!!!

  2. wooww, I can't believe the oyster card is going for that much! that is insane!

  3. Oh boy I bet there are lots of people there. Where will you be on Friday?

  4. WOW!!!

    $200 for a travel card!!!

    The abby looks SO beautiful, great photos honey!

  5. I should have spelt abbey ABBEY not abby :/

  6. Your photos are beautiful! What an exciting time to be in London!

  7. i'm so excited about the royal wedding. actually as i;m typing this the tv is on all about the royal wedding. i can not wait till friday.

  8. I'm sooo excited for you! So much fun. For Wanderlust Wednesday tomorrow at my blog "we are" heading to London for my friend Wills and Kate's wedding and I'm hoping to meet up with you for tea! Looking forward to your coverage!

  9. How exciting! And wow, the oyster card goes for that much?! Oh boy.



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