Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cadbury World

Bournville, UK
Good Eats Wednesday

Those who know me know my favorite candy in the whole world is Cadbury eggs, even blogged about it last year, and also spent a lunch hour hunting down the first lot of the season last year, where I consumed about 25, this year none. Until... I went to Cadbury World in Birmingham! This was on my MUST do list, as my friend Sheila also worked at the factory for her first job too. I've been to Hershey's (Oakdale, Ca) and Alprose in Switzerland, but Cadbury World was by far the best experience as far as chocolate factories go. In comparison, it was the most Willy Wonka-ish, and great for children.

And I fell in love with the Bournville Junior High across the street... one thing about my timing is all wisteria's were in bloom, and having a wisteria tree is almost as common as having a car.

Included in my £14 tour was 3 chocolate bars and a sample of the fresh melted chocolate (pure heaven). If you could believe it I bought 3 Cadbury eggs, and a tea towel for £3.99.
My souvenirs are always kitchen related!
Bon appetit!


  1. That Junior High building is AMAZING, I love it!!

    I went the the Cadbury factory when I was a kid it was SO much fun - literally a Willy Wonka land!

  2. Only 3 creme eggs? I'd have bought a box!
    Must go there sometime...

  3. I've never been to cadbury world.... You must fill us in on the details!!

  4. i've never had cadbury creme eggs before :(
    that factory does indeed look very willy-wonka-ish xD

  5. Your step-father is salivating seeing this blog...


  6. Mmm, Cadbury Eggs.....now where did I hide all my Easter candy..... ;-)

  7. OMG. They could never make me come out of there alive.

  8. omg this looks awesome. i would love to go there and visit. would be such a dream!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. This is like my dream come true!



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