Saturday, May 28, 2011

Checking In

 A cat in Beynac watches a bird.

I apologize for my absence, but I've been in Dordogne since Wednesday, and not spent much time on the computer. I have so much material to share, but first I will let you know that I've decided to make this my last week in Europe. While it's been quite a memorable experience, I've found it to be much too long to be away from home. It was a difficult decision, but I reached the point where it was the right thing to do...

 The chapel in the Jardins de Marqueyssac.

So after a week in the Loire Valley, then 5 days in Dordogne, I will conclude with a few days in Nice before returning home. It has been a lot to handle on my own, and though I couldn't be happier with the hospitality I've been shown both in Dordogne and Loire Valley; both accommodations will surely get their spotlight soon; when I have time to sort through all photos. But for now, I'm taking advantage of every moment I have here, and the past few days have been magnificant to say the least, after a year of researching and day dreaming about the area. But it's taken a lot of nerve to drive these windy narrow roads along cliffsides and navigating a map. Plus imagine pulling over roadside in the picturesque vineyards and French farmhouses, me in my long magenta dress trying to shoe a bee out of the car with the road map. It's been fun... but I'm ready to get home.

 My first evening in Grojelac, France outside my B&B terrace at Les Quatre Pins.

I'm already thinking Isla Fisher would make a good lead for this comedy of  American Girl in Europe movie for all the things I've encountered and couldn't even make up if I wanted to. What do you think?


  1. I absolutely love the photo of that cat watching the bird.

  2. I'd go see your movie! Enjoy the rest of your time there and I look forward to your future posts! xxoo :)



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