Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Morning Paris

From the English midlands to Parisian rooftops. 

I dreaded yesterday's travels, especially after my bus mishap, and lack of directions in London but with only an hour flight, and very easy transportation, it was no problem, with the exception of bruised hips from carrying luggage up and down about 10 flights of stairs throughout the day. I'm immensely sore, but nothing a crossiant or pain au chocolate can't cure this morning.

I went from a beautiful English garden with views of Ozzy Osbourne's first wife's backyard (though keeping  photos of any accommodations where I stay in private homes so they are private). Now after a good night's rest, waking up to these gorgeous views!

$ Money tip: I probably saved about $150 in cab fare by using the Tube in London which was less than ₤6 for transportation from the airport into the city, and €9 for the RER B train from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord in the center of Paris. Plus, the very kind woman I stayed with in Birmingham took me to the airport, so that helped very much too.   

I'll be including these money tips along the way, because money is the universal language, and I've had many people question How Can I Afford 2 Months in Europe, though without directly asking me. Because of my background in investments, hard saving, and always searching for the best value, (not necessarily cheap), I'm always more than happy to share, and I will even provide my 2 month tab at the end for all who are curious!

Now, I'm off to venture the city & practice my French!
It's going to be a wonderful month in France.

Je voudrais une crossiant et une cafe au lait, s' il vous plait.


  1. Oh my god it's ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!

  2. How lovely! Enjoy your stay!

  3. Oh wow! Have a great time :-)
    Just been catching up on all your posts... including your fab coverage of the Royal Wedding... nicely done!

  4. i can't wait to read more tips from paree!!!! i'm going there next month :)



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