Monday, May 16, 2011

The Louvre

Part 1

Some people love art, others find it boring. I didn't start appreciating it until only a couple years ago. In museums, I'm one that likes to look at the painting and read about it below. I don't sit and study each painting, but if it's one that speaks to me, I really like to read the time frame, the description, and if it has people in it who they were, and I think of their life back then. The fact that the paintings are so wonderfully preserved and survived from centuries ago, adds to the fascination.

 Many of these were from the Holland & French painting collection.

Do you have a favorite kind of art?
Ever been to the Louvre?


  1. I'd die to go there...lucky girl. Great photos! Kori xoxo

  2. isn't the mona lisa so small/??? i was expecting something bigger!

  3. I love art too...I've been very fortunate and have been to the Louvre on a number of's a truly wonderful place to be...I'm from London and my favourite place here to view art and culture is the Victoria and Albert Museum.
    Lovely blog...I'm a new follower!



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