Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice, France

After a 7 hour train ride yesterday, I'm finally able to relax and enjoy myself these last couple of days. Nice seems to agree with me more as a French city... maybe it's the familiarity of the beach or the relaxed and safe atmosphere, but I'm pleased that this is where I'll be wrapping up my European journey. The hostel vibe takes me back to Freshman year in a good way and has eased my tension.

 One of the the hundreds of flowers I've photographed.

I've spent the day wondering around Nice, laying by the beach, a dip in the French Riviera, watching the boats go in and out of port and flights landing and taking off just off the coastal airport, a touristy train tour, as well reading in a coffee shop along the narrow streets of old city Nice. Funny I have most of these things within a mile from where I live in Fort Lauderdale, and I fully appreciate that a lot more now. I realize I have it made in the shade at home and fully intend to have days like this more often in my own town.

Fountain at the Grand Trianon of Versailles, France.

Marie Antoinette's Farm at Versailles.

Of course, the question of what next when back home looms in the air? But I'm excited and ready to embrace it. I may even be able to commit to a piece of furniture now too, seeing as the fantasy to restore an old French farmhouse is completely dead at the moment. But at least now I know. Blogging from London seems like so long ago, and this has been an opportunity of a lifetime... though every minute wasn't perfect, it was life and I appreciate every moment of it good and bad.

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  1. I would definitely say that you have had the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy! xxoo :)



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