Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday in Paris

18th Arrondisement

We'll start with confession, since it is Sunday. I was terrified to venture out today, I procrastinated all morning. Looked like a deer in headlights all day, and though I've taken a year in French and read out loud for practice all the time, I always try to speak it initially, then get a rapid reply in French and I have no idea what to say except  "sorry" and try to blend the languages in a best effort. For this reason I put off dinner last night, and breakfast this morning-- it's hard enough walking into a restaurant on my own in my own country, let alone doing it another language. But the food is what I came here for, so I suppose I better get over

I began my day easing into things with a stroll in the Cimetiere de Montmarte, which I'll share with you tomorrow. Then kind of threw myself right into Montmarte and Ave de Clichy where Moulin Rouge is and all "those" shops.

(This is where I called my Mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!)

I sat in Sacre Coeur for about 20 minutes listening to holy words echoing in the most beautiful language, as I picked up a word here and there, I was transfixed watching. I'm not a religious person, but consider myself spiritual. This trip I've prayed more each day than I have in years asking for safety and guidance in finding my way. It was just nice to absorb the moment... no tour guide or antsy children to worry about. I thought what was the rush... I am in Paris, at the highest point above the city on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the most beautiful basilique. Completely free, if only for 20 minutes I was able to become part of the city, connect with a higher power, and felt the most relaxed I had all day.

I found my Rue (street) just north of Sacre Coeur.
 Also I found my first patisserie after noticing 4 cops walking into it... something else that's universal I chuckled to myself. Cops & sweets. I figured it had to be good and reasonable. Banana cream for €1.90 made for a better dinner than my Croque Monsieur I had for a late lunch which I could have done better myself. I will avoid tourist restaurants from now on... but I figured it was the easiest to start there language wise.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


  1. Thank you sweetie! It was nice (finally) to hear your voice even though it was very brief!!! It has been two weeks since I have heard your precious voice! Nice pictures! Love you and miss you immensely!



  2. I'm so jealous! I'm so glad you're having a blast Colette honey! Kori xoxo

  3. Now that's how I Felt when I moved to Japan!!! Just stopping in to say hello and wishing you fun, fun, fun!

  4. I find it hard to order things when I'm overseas. Pointing at what other people are eating often helps!!

    I did a recipe for a Croque on my blog, it was AMAZING I highly recommend it when you get home.


  5. I hate falling into tourists traps abroad. If you see pictures of the food at the place RUN!!!! :o)



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