Thursday, May 5, 2011

Swiss Living

Travel Thursday
Guest Post
by Krystal from Village

Krystal is a good blog friend who lives in Lucerne, Switzerland and runs a stylish blog called Village. She also shares her photography on Sunday Photo, and sells her photos on her online shop, Sunday Photo shop. I'm so honored to have her guest post for me today!

Hello to Colette's readers, I'm happy to be a guest at her blog while she's whirling around Europe :) She sent these interview questions about my move from the US to Switzerland my way and I was only too happy to answer them! (We bonded over our mutual love of Switzerland and have been blog friends ever since).

1. Why did you move to Switzerland? For a job? Life change? Mark and I moving to Switzerland was a combination of things - but mainly, we had lived in Iowa for 5 years and we were definitely ready for a change! I was finishing grad school so he decided to casually apply for some random jobs in cities around the US - and for fun, Switzerland, which we never thought would happen. But, it did! It felt like a whirlwind making the decision to leave the US - but - there was no way we could live with the regret of not trying it. So here we are=)

2. Was it easy to make the transition with job/ belongings/ pets? The transition was not easy, but it was worth it and we survived. The hardest part about moving was figuring out all of the rules, paperwork, flight stuff that involved getting Bama (our dog) here!! It was insane and I could go on and on about it - but it's over. But if you ever need to do that...start on it early. That pretty much overshadowed everything else, so the rest seemed fine, haha!! We did have to wait 3 months for our stuff to get here which was kind of annoying - but on the other hand, we learned how to live minimally so that when all of our stuff came we were kind of disappointed. =)

3. What is one thing you miss about the U.S? The thing I miss about the US is English, hands down. I don't realize how closed off I am here not knowing German fluently until I visit an english speaking country and feel all kinds of amazed at how I feel more confident, a part of things and heard.

4. What is one thing that is better in Switzerland than the U.S. to you?
There are a lot of things that are better in Switzerland. The US is like a beautiful mess compared to here - but this is just beautiful - both are alluring. My friend and I always say that Switzerland is like Disneyland (minus all the pink happiness) because it's so clean, everything works efficiently, people follow rules, etc.  It's just a totally different lifestyle here - the way we eat, socialize and exercise has totally changed.

5. Do you plan on returning to the U.S. to live or is life too good in Switzerland now?
When we moved here we said we'd be here at least 3 years and then just play it by ear. We are loving it so far and right now, the thought of leaving makes us sad. So I don't have a definite answer, but I can also say that I'm excited about living in the midst of my native language again. And a new city is always fun (Montreal, I'm looking at you).

Thanks for the interview Krystal!


  1. thanks so much for having me!!!

    ha! i just re-read #4 and it sounds snobby, i think i should have added that there are also a lot about the US that is better than switzerland, too...forgot that part :) I love both equally but differently!

  2. I went to the Italian side of switzerland very often when I was a kid, and being Italian I can say the same thinkgs. Everything works perfectly there. And nature is sooo wonderful!
    (montreal, I'm looking at you too, but in only in springtime!)

  3. Lovely post Krystal!!

    Switzerland IS a little like disney. good comparison! annnnd the food is about the same price. ( ;

  4. This is such a great post, Krystal:) Loved reading it and that photo is so cool! Kisses to you both.

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY later today!

  5. Love these questions and answers. Oh and how did I not know you were from the US!! Thats just amazing that you packed up and moved across the country. Love you even more! <3

  6. great post! it was fun to learn more about you, what an adventure to live abroad!

  7. What a great Q & A. What an experience.

  8. I enjoyed reading about Krystal's guest post! I always wondered how she ended up in Switzerland. I found it very interesting to find that what Krystal misses the most is the language! I'm Japanese living in Indonesia, but language is never on the list of things I miss. I was curious to learn about the answer to the last question you posed. Montreal is a cool place, too! Switzerland is one of the countries I've always dreamed of living since I was a little girl because of the story "Heidi". :)

  9. Lovely post. I think I'd like to move to Europe one day.

    ps. I owe you a post on Barcelona. Do you want me to just put something together or do you want anything specific? I will do my best to send it this weekend. I still have yet to get through my 600+ photos. I'm a compulsive retoucher!

  10. Yeah, I'm totally jealous of that move. Switzerland would be incredible.

  11. Wow great post honey!

    By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo

  12. I agree girl....she is such an incredible person and love her!!! xxxx Emily of EL Vintage

  13. krystal you make my heart happy. so happily envious of your adventure.


  14. I'm so happy about this post!

    Krystal: We had SO much trouble getting out cats (and stuff) here, too! I'm completely with you on numbers 2-4!

  15. LOVE this totala! i've come over from Krystal's space and was anxious to read more about her life and times. this was a savoring experience and a wonderful guest post inclusion. gosh, i can only imagine the woes of bringing Bama across many borders, so glad it all worked out one way or another. thanks for the enjoyment today Colette, happy travels to you! ♥



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