Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boulangeries & Village Markets

Good Eats Wednesday

Well I managed to lose quite a bit of weight in France eating things like this apricot pastry. Great huh? Actually I didn't eat all that much on this trip because when the average lunch price is 15 euro it equals about 25 US dollars just for lunch. I noticed many people in France walking around the streets picking off pieces of baguettes, and quickly learned to do the same. Unfortunately, this particular pastry above though so good was the culprit of hives, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, which are just now clearing up. It was horrible. Even Benadryl and cream didn't work, and heat such as showers or laying in the sun made them itch like crazy. Discovering a new food allergy in a foreign country was not fun, and even made me too nervous to enjoy any of the fresh fruits and veggies at even the most tempting of fresh village markets like my favorite one in Sarlat. 

But I did allow myself to enjoy all kinds of wonderful countless pizzas and wonderful French pastries.
Can't wait to share that collage with you... and my guide to hot chocolate in Paris!

Bon appetit!


  1. Shame about your allergy :-( That pastry looks delicious...would go great with hot chocolate, so bring on the next post!

  2. hiii, i just caught up on so many of your posts that i missed!!! i can't believe all the beautiful places you have been, gosh i'm jealous! i'm sure it will be nice to be at home though, I'm sure you miss your husband :( What should I do in Paris next w/e????



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