Monday, June 6, 2011

Brocante Gourmande

Candes - Saint - Martin

Listed as one of France's Most Beautiful Villages, Candes- Saint - Martin was a top priority of mine to explore in the Loire Valley, and fortunately it was less than 15 miles from the chateau where I stayed in Bourgueil (to come soon!) Tucked away from the main street as you climb up the "panoramic trail" up on cobblestone streets and pass old, old stone farm homes with a view of the river and hills of vineyards is the Brocante Gourmande cafe with all kinds of books and treasures. My only regret was I showed up at off hours when they weren't serving lunch, so I couldn't try to the food.

It's good to be back and have more time for the blog with focused posts;
though I hope you enjoyed the diary version of the travels.
But now I'm excited to focus on features for you...
 & there will be more of Candes - Saint - Martin in the future!

Have a good week!


  1. we had the same luck in Vermont - found cute places but at the wrong time!

  2. A warm welcome back to blogland - I adore those charming images - so French! I swan about in quaint French towns such as these on a daily basis. Glad to hear you had a grand time, and it's such a pity you weren't in time for lunch;-)

  3. What a quaint little place, and that dog acts like he owns the place!! :)

  4. Looks gorgeous...shame you didn't get to sample their cuisine!
    Love the new header ;-)

  5. If I was in France I would want to go there all the time. It looks like the perfect place for a lunchhour! =)

  6. It looks stunning! I've only ever been to Paris, but would love to explore the rest of France. Candes Saint Martin is now definitely on my list of places to go!


  7. Very nice place and the doggy looks so cute!

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