Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charming Nice

Travel Thursday

Fortunately for lack of motivation, I never uploaded the pics from the last couple of weeks of my trip from my handheld Canon, which I used for restaurant pics, the shameless self pic for proof I was on location, and the occasional video clip for enjoyable moments. Though the quality isn't the same as the DSLR, I think these are actually more special... and so glad they were preserved.

There is something so beautiful about big ships in the turquoise ocean.

There was either a show or movie being filmed while I was in Nice. I ran into the crew on both days. The first day I passed them outside a restaurant near the market by the opera and beach. The second day they found me, as I was eating outside a Mediterranean place. I had a front row view of them doing makeup touch-ups inside a bakery, then a few moments later the attractive actors were doing 'takes' walking down the streets of Old Town Nice.

Here is one of my clips on the beach...

Happy Traveling!!

P.s.  I have a new project in the works for an online magazine, and you will get to see much more of France that has not been seen on the blog! 
It should be available on July 1st for the first issue. Stay tuned!

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  1. gorgeous pictures!! the video won't work sadly. can't wait to hear about your next project!!

  2. The video is working now... sorry had it set to private.



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