Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girlfriend Gatherings

Good Eats Wednesday

It doesn't matter what you eat, the same is true no matter in the U.S., France, or anywhere else in the world... getting together with your girlfriends for a drink and your favorite food beats anything!

My sweet American girlfriends I met in France.

Foie Gras Burger in Bourgueil, France.

What's your favorite place to meet up with girlfriends?


  1. brunch hands down, my favorite meal with my best friends=win
    love that photo, how was the foie gras burger? :)

  2. Oh my goodness that burger looks divine and I love how you show your fun and creative!

    Liesl :)

  3. I love the simplicity of this post, it made me smile.

    More often than not I meet up with my girlfriends for dinner at Miss Chu (a favourite place of ours) or at Hamish's restaurant. :) :) :)

  4. It is the best, I'm so happy for you, and so happy you were able to meet up with your friends, that burger looks nommers!

  5. i so agree! we have a favorite bar that is on the corner right by my flat, we can sit outsideee, it's so nice :)

  6. I agree 100%. I so enjoyed our lunches - missed the foie greas burger though. The other ladies all look like alot of fun!
    Bonne soirée,



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