Thursday, June 16, 2011

Les Quatre Pins B&B

"The Four Pines"
Grolejac, France
Travel Thursday

While in Dordogne, I stayed at Les Quatre Pins. I found this peaceful bed & breakfast on Visit France. Quietly tucked away in the heart of the Dordogne region just off the road from the small village of Grolejac (about 10-15 miles from Beynac, Sarlat, Le Roque Gagac, and Domme) it is convenient for exploring by day and relaxing by evening and night, and evenings here couldn't be more peaceful.


One thing I really enjoyed about the French country was the sound of birds chirping and singing all evening long. But there was something special about Les Quatre Pins, and that is it's owners Helen & Stephen. Originally from England, it was nice to finally converse in English, and they welcomed me as a long lost friend, going above and beyond to invite me to dinner and social evenings like at the local Hotel bar for traditional Friday evenings. 

Photos above from Les Quatre Pins website.

My stay was particularly special because it was my first stay in a bed & breakfast, even though it's been a dream of mine to own and run one for many years now. I'm so glad Les Quatre Pins was my first, and I'm grateful for the friendships I made. Here is my last night when we all ordered our own pizzas for dinner! Can you spot the fried egg pizza, again?


Even the cows were comforting to me especially when they "came home" in the evenings to the farm across the street. I grew up feeding the cows with my grandpa, so it definitely reminded me of some wonderful childhood memories.

For English & Americans seeking refuge and peace in the Dordogne region, I highly recommend Les Quatre Pins! (To book, visit HERE.)

Happy Traveling!!


  1. This looks like such a magical time! This reminds me of my summer renting a wonderul farm house in Turenne, France...just lovely!

    Liesl :)

  2. Love the pine cones, you fed cows, OMG I used to jump around in the hay in the barn! ha

  3. What an insanely beautiful place! Wow!

  4. i think i will have to save that, it sounds amazing!!!



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