Sunday, July 24, 2011

Support Systems

This weekend was nourishing for my soul as much as I wished for some down time, I was busy 24/7 with support. Friday, I spent 2 hours talking on the phone with a best friend from high school restoring our friendship, and it's so nice to have things pick up like no time has passed at all.

Saturday, Mom and I drove the back roads along Lake Tahoe to spend the day shopping in Reno. An 8 hour shopping trip though exhausting, was fun and something I haven't done in years!

Today, I had a family retirement party in Granite Bay (near Sacramento) and it was exactly what I needed. I realized my support system is a lot larger than I think, as I've felt alone and lost lately. Friends and family I haven't seen in years were inspiring, uplifting, and slightly emotional when talking about how they enjoy reading my blog. (I know I've been horrible the past few weeks, but it's been hard.) Not only because I've been unsettled and in a disarray, but I finally bought a wireless router yesterday, and hope to be updating more frequently again. Also because I don't recognize my life right now, and I know many people have wondered what is going on with me. It's nice to know that sometimes when I feel alone... I'm not. It's been hard to get personal the past few weeks because my emotions change from moment to moment and it honestly hasn't been easy. But the blog is part of who I am, and I'm ready to get back.

My Mom & Step-brother's Mom.

Me with my sister-in-law and brother. 

Thanks sincerely to my supporters for your patience & encouragement!

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  1. Hang in there hon ~ your heart will mend but there is no need to rush it.

    Thinking of you.

  2. You look so beautiful in that white dress!!! Stunning!!!

    Keep smiling honey.


  3. Aww you look just like your Mom!! Those photos are beautiful of that view!!

    I hear ya completely on finding a support system where you least expect it. When Cj and I was on a break I was devatasted and my family really came in for me and I was shocked how much it helped. Your not alone dear. Eventually things come full circle and make sense! Big *HUGS*!

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. You look beautiful! Glad you are doing well and spending time with family and friends. A day at a time.
    Take care,



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