Best Week of the Year

Well it's a toss up between that and the Royal Wedding! I can't exactly explain why... just one of those feelings you get... even though I was laid off and will be 'celebrating' my last day of work tomorrow. But I'm really optimistic and feel that it is giving me that push I fully need. Don't despair, I already have lots of promising leads and truly feel that the world is my oyster at this moment in time. 

Besides, if you know me, you should know I have a few projects up my sleeve that I'm excited to share soon! Can't give it all away today though... Most importantly I'm excited for the 'time I'm being gifted' to develop them! ;)

Little Moments of Happiness

Late-Nite Halloween Goodie Baking * Happy Hour (haven't done that in awhile!) * A Friendship When You Can Just Look At Each Other & Know Exactly What The Other Is Thinking * Impromptu Family Gatherings & Sleepovers * My First All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Experience * Cruising in the 73' Galaxie Hot Rod * A Special Women's Sunday Luncheon & Shopping * Steak & Frites (Paris All Over Again!) * Dating While Residing With The Parents - 16 All Over Again In The Best Kind Of Way * Restaurant Supply Stores * Last Day of Work Party! * Topping It Off With Going To My Home Sweet Oregon Coast On Thursday For 4 Nights!

Favorite Ego Boosters This Month

"I talked to Nikki for a half-hour and she took away my headache." - My Uncle L.

"If I was 30 years younger and 30 pounds lighter, I'd be chasing you down." - R. "I'm a hard one to tie down." - N. "I didn't say tie you down, I said chase you down." -R.

"I want a house with a lot of natural light, since that makes me happy." - N. "I'll build you a window anywhere you want." - B

"Oh and Nikki..." - S. "Yes." - N   "You are reallllly hot." - S. A business call at work, nothing like making a girl blush.

"Another chapter closed." Me to Mom regarding my job loss. "This was more like a paragraph." Thanks Mom! :)

Lastly, a little secret. I sometimes use Fortune Cookies for inspiration. They are my reinforcers to follow my dreams.
Today I received on that said: 

Your Dearest Wish Will Come True. 
I happen to think so. 

6 weeks ago I got one that said:

Something Great Will Happen To You This Week. 
It did. Exactly 7 days later. 

Make This Your Best Week Too!

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  1. Good luck with your projects! I can't wait to hear about them! xxoo :)

  2. I LOVE your optimism! It's so inspiring =)
    I have a feeling you're going to kick life in the bum and make it your own beautiful story (like you already have so much already!)
    Good luck =) -- not like you need it!


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