Villa Saint Exupery Gardens

Nice, France
Travel Tuesday

It occurred to me that I never shared one of the best bargains of France. After traveling solo staying in a Kensington Flat in London courtesy of HomeAway Vacation Rentals, in an architect's home with a charming English garden in a neighborhood covered with wisterias in Ozzy Osbourne's first wife's neighborhood of Birmingham, my own 17th Arrondisment Paris apartment, an old chateau turned fencing museum turned into the affordable but peaceful Chateau des Sablons, then the quaint Les Quatre Pins B&B in Dordogne... I finally decided to try a hostel in Nice.

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I spent less than $100 dollars for 3 nights, and had a fantastic time. Of course, Villa Saint Exupery Gardens (an old monastery turned hostel) set the standards high for my first hostel experience, as it was in beautiful Nice, and rated The #1 Hostel in France in 2010. The food was fantastic, affordable, and so easy to meet people in the dining/ bar area.

In this month's newsletter, they mentioned they had 2 marriage proposals there this year, 3 babies born from parents who met at the villa, 148 couples still going strong after visiting, and millions of friends who've stayed in touch over Facebook. I realized I was one of those statistics as I am also now Facebook friends with two fabulous girls I met during my stay.

Point is... if you want to do the French Rivera in an affordable fashion... Villa Saint Exupery Gardens is definitely the way to go! If I had designed the rest of my trip to Europe this way, I may have never come back!

Happy Traveling!

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  1. These are such fantastics tips! Don't you just love Nice, France...I must get back there soon and when I do I'll have to check out Villa Saint Exupery Gardens! Just beautiful!

    Liesl :)

  2. soo pretty!! this is very near where my fiance's family lives. you're definitely making me homesick for france!! hope you're doing well :)

  3. That looks like a nice place, thanks for sharing! xxoo :)

  4. I think I want to go there... now. I love Nice, well, I think I love almost anywhere in France!


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