Monday, November 14, 2011

Work Space

Happy Monday! Yes, it's pretty happy for me in fact. After waiting about 5 long years, I've finally made a commitment... to a desk and chair! I'm so excited... Plus, I had an interview this morning with Vail Resorts, and crossing my fingers for the job. Who has heard of "ski breaks" for a benefit? (Two hour ski break on the slopes!) Sweet!

Details about the work space:
Desk - Micke from IKEA
Chair - Verner from IKEA
Recycled pencils & Flower Pencil from Anthropologie
Snow Postcards & magnet of Chenonoceau (my French inspiration for Photography Getaways & the chateau I was driving to when I had my fender bender in France).
Mason Jars from my dad's canning goodies.
Little penguin from my sister-in-law.
Bamboo with rocks from the Oregon coast.
Rocks from Mono Lake.
A copy of when I was in the Good Morning America crowd from the Royal Wedding.
One drawer for my photography card making, I store my photos in a Magnolia Bakery box from NYC.
A drawer for writing inspiration, including a draft of the first portion of the first novel I started.

Have a great week!

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