Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Day of 2011

Can you remember or pinpoint your favorite day this year? I can.

For me, it was the day after the Royal Wedding. I had been in London for a week. The whole week leading up to the big day was like nothing I've ever experienced. Journalists from all over the world camped out waiting for a glimpse or snippet of something to report to their countries back home. The whole world was tuned in... it was insane.

I kept randomly wandering into media situations, catching glimpses of the Royals and their guests. A lone Buckingham Guard slowly trotted by me patroling the Palace on his horse locking eyes with me. A true Cinderella moment.

Rather than being depressed the day after a big holiday, it was more like a big sigh after the ultimate climax. Though my time in London was expiring, my journey in Europe was just beginning.

But that day, I made no plans. I was over sightseeing. I just wanted TO BE in the city. So I hopped on the Tube and ended up in Piccadilly Circus.

I left the Nikon at home, only took my mini camera and iPhone with my leather journal. Sat in an uber hip coffee shop watching British men stroll by. I quickly realized I was in a location where they were only interested in each other and chuckled to myself, just content to embrace the moment writing in London and being a part of the city like it was my own.

From there I ventured to Fortnum & Mason where I browsed all floors of high end edibles.

I purchased a special expensive minature cake for one with a celebratory C&W honoring Catherine & William. So I took my chocolate wedding cake and ate it in the park.

Thirty minutes each day in the park was the BEST part of my time in London. While working day in and day out, I always fantasized about being outdoors laying in the park staring up at the clouds on a sunny day. In my daydreams it was always Paris or Versailles. But it was London that had the best parks where you could get lost in the soft grass. The sun had been shining all week, and everyone was outside enjoying the park in their own way. I would always choose a grassy knoll where I could peer through the trees gazing at the sky, practicing the art of doing nothing. Those peaceful moments were my best memories of 2011, not even the hay fever attacks from the pollen could steal it away.

Good bye, 2011! 
Hello, 2012!

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  1. I love that this was one of your favorite moments in 2011 because it was one of my favorite posts of yours and I remember reading it and knew exactly where you were after seeing the first picture...lovely! Hope you have a magical 2012!!!

    Liesl :)

  2. It sounds like a truly memorable day, may you have many more of these in 2012!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. You are so right about London having the best parks! I love that city :-)
    And how amazing that you experienced so many run-ins with the media in town for the royal wedding. Something that I'm sure you'll remember forever...

    XO - Marion
    PS - your pic of you laying in the grass made me instantly it.



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