Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Resolutions

Everyone's talking about it this week. Either making goals to be a better person or shrugging it off because you think you may not hold to it anyway. Or maybe you will cram all your resolutions on the last day of the year like Michelle Pheiffer's character in New Year's Eve (loved it). I'm keeping mine simple this year, besides my personal mission statement: to rebuild.

1. To tackle my cookbooks. I have many that I get as gifts, collect for myself, etc. What I don't do... is actually try the recipes. So this year, I plan to get back in the kitchen and try out more recipes.

2.  To expand my social circles. No, not social media. But to actually get out there, join some groups. To meet amazing new people.

There you have it. Just two.

I could go with the obvious. Health and weight loss. Well, since it is the first week of January, I will go ahead with bragging rights and say that just yesterday, I reached my lowest weight of 118 since my senior year of high school! Not bad for the first of the year. Good bye decade of laziness! It was one of those things, where I didn't realize I put on that much weight until hating all pictures of myself the past few years. So, my goal is to maintain which I have for the past few months.

Here is how I lost 15 lbs:

Exercise: Jogging an average of 8-12 miles a week has helped tremendously, not to mention provides clarity. It began on Monday evenings, just for stress relief. Then even if it was only once a week, I made it my goal to never miss a Monday for months. Naturally, I started to like the way I felt and began to jog 2-3 times a week for 4.5 miles each time. I went from a size 6 to a 2. On non-running days, once or twice a week, I do lite cardio with 3 lb weights for about 20-30 minutes. Yes, a good music mix is mandatory for my ability to stick with the program.

Food: Even though my goal is get back in the kitchen, I plan to choose my recipes wisely. I have gone extremely easy on dairy. That means limited cheese (very hard to do since I love gourmet cheeses, Cambozola is my favorite, but not figure friendly at all). I had it one day this year and although it was sheer ecstasy... I couldn't breath the next day. I also limit red meat and go even easier on the carbs and sugars. When I do go for carbs, I usually opt for rice noodles because they are gluten-free. My weakness is Asian food which can be healthier, but is high in sodium. I splurge maybe once a weak on Chinese and justify it as being better than a Whopper and Fries or a whole triangle of Cambozola cheese and loaf of French bread. When I bake, I give away about 97% of the goodies to others. :) But the main thing is I try not to let myself get hungry, because if I get hungry around 10:30 or 11, that's when the bad food cravings start for lunch. So, I eat oatmeal and fruit in the morning, and snack on almonds or the Asian rice crackers so I get my little dose of sodium, then I'm less inclined to go for anything really bad at lunch. But I never deprive myself of anything. If you want something, eat it, but try sharing it with someone else so you don't hate yourself after, use small plates, take home leftovers, whatever it takes. That's the key for me: I don't let my stomach growl and I don't let myself get stuffed.
Rice noodles with tuna, bell pepper, black sesame seeds, tossed in sesame oil.

Liquids:  I drink tons of liquids (water and tea), which helps with not feeling hungry, and at over 6,000 ft elevation... drinking lots of water is mandatory to fight dehydration. Though I drink lots of hot tea... I occasionally just drink hot water to help keep warm, lay off the caffeine a little, and up the daily water intake.

There you have it. I didn't join Jenny. Just stuck to the basics and remembered one important thing. Did it to make myself feel better, not anyone else... just me.

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