The Ties That Bind

Last weekend was my grandmother's funeral, and though it was a sad occasion, it was also good in so many ways. Being together with family I haven't seen in years was so memorable and something I will always cherish. All the daughters and granddaughters wore a something of my grandmother's to honor her.

My Mom & I.

Me, Vanessa, Michelle & Olivia.

Olivia is reason I was able to attend the Royal Wedding.
Without her help, it would have never been possible. 
She's always been more like a best friends,
and no matter how much time goes between our visits,
I love her more everytime.

My cousins: Creighton, Taylor, Joseph, Travis, Olivia, Vanessa, Frank, Michelle, Jonathan & myself.

My cousin Creighton & I.
(The one who survived falling down a ravine in Chico playing disc golf.)

My grandma's favorite mu mu (which I'm going to sew something for all our family members). 

Highlights of the weekend:
Sleepovers, bonding with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
Maple bars, hundreds of chips and salsa, 
and pulling out more chairs before the services started
 because so many people came to show their respect. 
Thanks to everyone. 

Thanks for sharing such an intimate post with me.

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  1. Glad that you had such a wonderful celebration of your Grandmothers life - just beautiful! xxoo

    1. Thanks Cathi! Hope you are doing well. :)

  2. SO sorry to hear about your Grandma, but happy to see you and your family coming together and sharing all the love that only a family can bring. Beautiful shot of you and your Mom!
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

    1. Thanks Mimi. Been thinking of you. Have your beautiful Thank You card and little frames sitting on my desk :) Hope you are doing well.

  3. My deepest sympathies, Colette. I have a cousin like your Olivia, too. I would be a kite twisting in the wind without her!

    1. Thanks Tracy! Agreed cousins are the greatest, my Mom loved your comment. :)

  4. Such a warm and beautiful tribute to your grandma. She was lucky to have such a large and loved family.
    Always my best Dottie


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