Saturday, March 17, 2012

Le Boudoir

A peak into my room...

London and Paris memory boards from World Market. 
They have so much meaning after staying over a week in both cities last year. 
My fluffy pillow... because I really want a Westie, and this is just easier.

Hairbows from Forever 21, Potter Barn clock from my ex, 
and matching compacts that my friend Sheila and I both have from the UK.

My latest inheritance from my grandmother.
Vintage suitcases... I'm fascinated thinking of all the places my grandma and grandpa took these.
Maybe all the way from Mexico, or maybe not far at all...
but with my wanderlust heart, they are perfectly cherised in my bedroom now.

A picture frame from my friend Mimi from Paris filled with Anthropologie catalog cut outs.

A postcard from Paris, which reminded me of Coco Chanel, 
and the days when my friend Sheila nannied for her family.

My reminder that Love Takes Time Turtle from my sweet Shirley.

Lastly, my framed collage of Chateau de Chenonceau.
A reminder to always follow my dreams.
One of the places I planned for Photography Getaways
and visited last year, 
also the destination I was trying to get to on my scariest driving day in France.
A reminder that dreams are not always easy to achieve,
but realizing the pursuit makes it that more special.

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