Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

Spending time with new girlfriends... 
*Brunches * Lunches * Dinners * Cocktails * Evening-Walks * Beach-Days-at-Tahoe! *

50th Birthday Parties
*Seeing family I haven't seen in years! *

Getting a Fortune Cookie That Said... 
  You will be involved in many humanitarian projects. 
Never has it been so true.

Starting the summer being in the best shape of my life
*New UnderArmour Running Shoes & Flourescent Socks * 
* Strength Training * Discovering New Running Trails! *

Cohabitating with my Sweetheart
*Unpacking * The Excitement of Blending Belongings & Life Together * Nesting *

Work Life & Bonding
* Las Vegas! * TeenScreen in Virginia City * New Office Furniture and Office Rearranging *

Enrolling in the Sheriff's Citizen's Academy
* Learning about evidence and forensics so far! *

Re-watching all my favorite Chick Flicks with Amy Adams
*Julie & Julia * Leap Year * Miss Pettigrew *

Correcting my vision... finally!
*No More Blindness * I've been on Rx orders, NO contacts this week * 
 * Kiss my headaches good-bye! *

The Weekend
* Spring cleaning * Getting organized * Trying new recipes * More DIY! *

Happy Weekend!

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