Monday, July 9, 2012

Positive Impacts

This past week, I was nostagically going through all my photos albums before my landmark birthday this week I've been sort of dreading... plus I was doing a little digging in my past for research on my book.

I ran into a photo of a friend I met my junior year in college. I was timid back and a little introverted in college. She sat next to me on the first day of our Marketing class and was so bubbly, something that didn't happen everyday. She wanted to be study buddies, something I never had. She forced me to get involved and was a huge part of the reason for my boosted GPA that year. So much so, I decided to take more classes with her because of her positive influence.

I decided to contact her via Facebook this week, something I don't normally do. I wondered why her Friend count was so high it wouldn't let me add her, so I emailed her just to say hi and what a great influence she was to me without fully looking into the situation. She replied that she still had a card I'd given her for graduation and it was sitting on her desk at work (which is now 7 years later). I thought it was touching and beyond encouraging to me. I've always been a "card giver". I'm not always consistant about it, and lately have let is slide. This was a true reminder that doing a kind or giving act in the smallest way can make the biggest impact on someone else.

When I finally found out the extent of Kady's success this afternoon, I was out-of-my-skin excited for her! Not surprised, because I knew she always shined a little brighter than the rest.

Proud of you Kady!
Thanks for all the positive things you do.

You truly are a "good" one. 

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  1. Kady sounds like a fabulous person! Speaking of cards, I was a lucky recipient of one of your beautiful cards that sits on a shelf above my desk at my office. Have a wonderful week, it's good to see you blogging again! xxoo

  2. What a great story, good luch to Kady. Glad you are doing so well. Book... well done. I knew you would do it! Can't wait to read all about it!
    Talk soon,



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