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National Novel Writing Month 2012
Writing Tips and Questions Addressed

It's that time of year again... November! Which means a month of literary abandon. I'm beyond excited about this year's project. Even though I'm still editing Book One, which has somewhat become the size of two books (90,000 words), but I'm going to take a month off editing and start Book Two anyway.

I've had many people ask me about my book. Some want samples, some just to know what the heck it's about. So, even though I've been extremely "quiet" lately I'm going to tell anyway.

What is my first book about? My first book is really a decade in the making. It is broken out into four sections in a Sex and the City style covering dating dilemnas of two different time frames in my life. The book started during my first year of college. The first half is dedicated to that. The second half is more about my dating experiences at the age of 25. It's rewarding to look at it with a psychological hat years later to evaluate patterns, determine taste, and grow from mistakes of the past.  

It's taken a lot of work editing my whiny journaling days of early adulthood and turning it into a juicy page turning storyline that I would want to read myself... meanwhile maintaining class upon revealing confessions of dating. (My long-term relationships are kept to a minimum in Book One.)

What is the second book going to be about? It will be about my entire trip to Europe! I'm so excited to finally be able to write about everything that happened.

One of my great writing teachers once told me that to be able to write about something raw, you have to give it a year before you can emotionally start to heal. True, I used to write in the heat of turmoil back in college, hence the 'whiny' reference earlier. But going back to look at my writing, I was embarrassed at myself for sounding the way I did. I wanted to slap myself for being such a silly girl at times. I started to realize that once I became more stable about something bothering me, the more objective I could write. Though, writing helps to deal with / or vent about a problem; in my personal situation, it doesn't help me craft a better story except to visit the emotion I was experiencing at the time.

So, here I am a year and half later and finally able to write about Europe. It wasn't just Europe, it was everything surrounding that. Quitting a job. Quitting a relationship, starting a business, not having it succeed. Moving cross country to move closer to home after a decade. Realizing I could do anything, without any obligation, but realizing how frightfully paralyzing that kind of freedom and opportunity can be. I was lost, totally lost for about nine months. But I'm so excited to write this book looking at it in a lighthearted manner of the comedy of errors I experienced during my travels, yet to take the reader through the emotions of why I felt like I needed to go to Europe for that long in the first place, what I was really going through each night laying in bed of a foreign country. I wasn't traveling for the same reasons people do after graduating college just to see the world. There was so much more to it. A stranger I met on one of my travels years ago, analyzed me in an instant. "You travel when things go wrong. Most people travel for joy, but not you." I wanted that joy, but looking back I never set myself up right for it. Yes, I came back enriched from traveling, but it never solved a problem I was encountering. I always had to come back to reality. Last year could have been different, but it wasn't any. I'm so excited for this book because of it's honesty. I hope to make my readers laugh out loud, cry, and have one's heart race with emotion of frustion, gratification, and love.

Will readers be able to see some of these writings, and when? My book writings are nothing like my blog writings, which is both hard for me to grasp some people reading, forming opinions, being judged; but I guess it's something many writers face. It's a scary thought to be exposed. Because they are honest. They aren't novels, their memoirs, every last word. They are a place where I can be me. I've never let anyone read them except for my mother. Oddly enough, they are the kind of writing most people would never show their mother, but for me it's different. For ages, I've wanted to start a dating/relationship blog, where I could showcase this other side. It may come, it may not.

I have not pitched Book One yet to any agents or publishers, because it's not quite finished. Almost. Some of you know it can take months or years to get published, which is the route I want to try first. But I may consider self-publishing, or podcasting like other bloggers have done. This would be exciting! But I need to consider option one first before I can make any promises. Just have faith like I do that it will be soon.

Would you like to try to write your own novel? It's not that hard... Join National Novel Writing Month this year! 50,000 = 1,666 words (or 2-3pgs) per day. It's totally possible! You just have to be dedicated.

 Can do it too!

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