Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End Review

This year was a little bit quieter on the blog... though I have some plans for more ease and consistency in 2013. I'm excited and ready to get back to photography and blogging.

Here's a brief recap of my year...

January -
Sage and I began our new life in Nevada...
she hated the idea of moving again.

February -
Adjusted to driving in the snow.
March -
Was a time for family.
April -
A little Maine Coon came into our lives... well she's actually quite big.
May -
Cinco de Mayo... our household became four.
June -
Celebrated my niece's baby shower... Ella was born in late July.

July -
I turned 30!

August -
Said good bye to memories in Tennessee

September -
Reno hot air balloon races.

& celebrated our one year anniversary.

October -
Treasure hunting near the Black Rock Desert.

and Nevada Day Parade...
not to mention the amazing group of girlfriends I've made this year.
November -
Went to the CDC headquarters in Atlanta for work and
visited Emory University to learn about the European History PhD program.
December -
Christmas crafts, Nutcracker ballet, homemade pet-friendly Xmas tree, baking, and a gingerbread village.
I'm super grateful for this year as I've achieved balance in numerous areas:
home life, work life, love life, pet life, family life, friend life, healthy life
and most importantly perspective... of what truly matters to me.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. You've had quite the year! Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year! xxoo

  2. What a year!! I'm so glad you ended the year on such a positive note! =)

    Best wishes!!!




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