Don't Crowd the Mushrooms

Anytime I make sauteed mushrooms, I hear Amy Adams in the back of my head saying"don't crowd the mushrooms" from Julie & Julia, when Julie recalls Julia Child's tidbit of advice.

Last night, we got into a mushroom debate in our house. I generally prefer my veggies al dente, but the man said the sauce would run all over his plate and cause all sorts of cross-jurisdictional boundaries causing his food to "touch" if I didn't allow it to thicken, and I argued that I didn't want them cooked to look like escargot. So I let him take over the skillet, and I hate to admit he was right. He rocked the mushrooms.

Worcestershire Mushrooms
2 cups of mushrooms
1 tbsp of butter
1/4 tsp Adobo season
1/8 cup Worcestershire Sauce
2 tbsp heavy cream

Heat skillet with butter, add sliced mushrooms. Add Worcestershire Sauce and seasoning after a couple of minutes on medium heat, stir occasionally and let sauce thicken. Add heavy cream and stir another minute. Ready to serve.

Be warned... they have a bite! 
Tangy, spicy, and salty goodness.

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  1. Seriously I was hoping you mentioned "Julie and Julia" when I read the title. I did hear Amy Adams voice saying it... I've never made this but now I definitely want to try!! =)


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