Parisian Dream Date Outfit

Today a dream date to me would probably consist of hot chocolate and macarons at Laduree, followed by an afternoon at the Louvre, having someone do my hair and makeup for an evening out for a dinner of mussels, steak aux frites, champagne, followed by a performance at the opera. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Paris Day to Nite

What is your dream date?
Or, your best date yet? 
Whether it was the person you were with, 
or the activites that the day would or did entail.

I remember one particular all day date that reminded
of how great it was to be young and lucky...
I was 20.
We both worked at the most magical place in the world... Disney World.
 We started our day at MGM, then made our way to the Dolphin Resort to walk around
(where I stayed five years later for a work conference-funny the way life works out),
afterwards we ventured to the Magic Kingdom where we went on our favorite rides 
and pigged out on turkey legs, egg rolls, and pineapple dole whip (where I used to work).
We'd only been dating a couple weeks, so everything was new. 
Though it didn't last long between us, I always have the fondest memories,
and we'll always have Disney!

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  1. Firstly I just love the mint and black combo! It's so pretty!! =)

    Secondly a day in Paris to wander around with an endless amount of money would be my perfect date!

    My perfect date though with my boyfriend I think was one of our first in NYC and we went for dim sum and went to the museum of natural history and it rained and we ran in the rain. It was so perfect. =P


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